• 10 Simple Acts to Promote Wellness in Your Life
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10 Simple Acts to Promote Wellness in Your Life

#SayYes to wellness with one of these 10 easy actsWho knew we had a global Wellness Day? It came perfectly timed for my travel-weary bones and got me thinking about ways we can promote our own wellness every day. 

Global Wellness Day originated in 2012 when Turkish entrepreneur Belgin Aksoy realized “everything that is precious to us has been honored with a special day,” so why not honor “the only thing which is really valuable to all of us, that is, living well?” Her #SayYes movement has spread to at least 52 countries in just three years.

I'm all for a day when our "whole being" gets to be special—we could treat it like a birthday, but without the getting older part. 

#SayYes to wellness

Wellness Day challenges you to change one aspect of your life for one day, but why not say “yes” every day to just one restorative act that aligns the forces of goodness and wellbeing in your favor?

It’s your party, and you can do what you want, but if you’re feeling bewildered, stretched to the limit or just plain out of balance, here’s my list of simple but meaningful ways to promote wellness for yourself.

#SayYes to wellness with one of these 10 easy acts:

    1. Drink more water
    2. Take a walk and be mindful of the sights, sounds and smells
    3. Support your local farmers’ market and create a family dinner
    4. Do a good deed—it’s scientifically proven to be good for us
    5. Take time to watch the sun rise and set
    6. Visit an art museum
    7. Create something beautiful
    8. Have a good laugh
    9. Moisturize! Make contact with yourself with a nourishing oil or lotion
    10. Go to bed early

What will you say "yes" to today?


Photo by Eu2Be Founder and CEO Charla Jones on a trip sourcing ingredients in Brazil.

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  • Charla Jones
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