• Travel Journal: A Mission to Meaning
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Travel Journal: A Mission to Meaning

Some of our most inspiring ideas arise when we leave our comfort zone, embrace our inner seeker and travel along unfamiliar paths.

Now that I’m just back from several weeks of travel, starting with an unexpected but insightful cross-country journey, the quest for insights begins anew. Fortunately, our longing to find meaning never ends.

First Stop: Made in America.

To get a better feel for the indomitable, creative American spirit, I visited interesting places located slightly off the beaten path.

It’s not that I have the spare time to do this, but I’m on an urgent mission to bring meaning back to the skin care experience.

That’s one of the things Eu2Be was created to do—to combat the hyper productivity and uber-efficiency mode we all seem to be dialed into and to restore a sense of connection, quality of life and wellness.

These are interesting times, especially for entrepreneurs or makers of things in America.

And I visited a lot of places...

Next Stop: Trippin’ the London Fantastic

We expect a lot more from brands. A business conference in London transformed my thinking about the role of business to provide meaning for customers who are seeking more from their products and services.

Women continue to inspire me. Never underestimate the power of smart, interesting, like-minded women coming from all over the world to find one another, bond and conspire to create change for the good.

Last Stop: Summiting New York

Beauty is experiencing quite the trip these days. My last stop in New York City gave me a fascinating, behind-the-scenes glimpse into the beauty industry at WWD’s Beauty Summit.

Savvy, technology-empowered consumers and up-and-coming indie brands like Eu2Be are having a definitively transformative effect on the industry.

It’s all good but like many things, it’ll take some mastery to break through, transition and be successful.

One top executive noted that “there’s been more change in the past twenty-four months than the industry has experienced in the last twenty years.”

No wonder we need a dedicated Wellness Day to help us combat those midnight ruminations on the turbulence our modern times cause mind, body and spirit.

As Socrates said, "an unexamined life is not worth living," and in our times, this applies to our personal and business lives.

My journey yielded many exciting insights and even more compelling questions, like how must Eu2Be evolve and grow in ways that matter most to you—ways that will make a meaningful difference in your life? If you have a thought on that, let me know. 

Yeah, my aspirations are big, but history and ritual are on my side.

Skin is a powerful canvas on which our life story is laid bare—and if you’re seeking to live life on a deeper level, isn’t skin care a pursuit worth examining more deeply?


See our natural skincare reviews and customer testimonials... or shop now for Eu2Be's natural skincare products.

See our natural skincare reviews and customer testimonials.
Or shop now for Eu2Be's natural skincare products

  • Charla Jones
  • EntrepreneurshipNatural SkincareTravel JournalWellness

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  • Jul 04, 2015

    When I am finishing up my workout, during those last crucial minutes, my mind turns to the after and I allow myself to think of my upcoming reward; the shower! My routine is fairly ordinary, strip off the sweaty workout clothes and step into a piping hot and beating stream of water. I like the aroma of my shower gel and the salty taste that drips from my lips. I gently exfoliate my skin which feels good and prepares my body for the absorption of Eu2Be oil. After toweling off; I generously spray the oil in the heat of the yet to cool stone-lined shower. I watch it seep in; reveling in the glow of my shiny, replenished skin.

    — Brooks Rolston

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