• Be the Guardian: The Restorative Power of Nature
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Be the Guardian: The Restorative Power of Nature

Today I've been thinking about the fundamental healing power of nature and our forests—it is International Forest Day, after all—and wanted to pass along some ideas.

Be the Guardian, and protect what’s precious—to all of us.

I have sourced many of Eu2Be's most amazing oils (and the photo above) from sustainable sources in Brazil, and because Eu2Be skin care is designed to penetrate, with deep conditioning oils to defend what's precious to you—starting with your skin—we have adopted the mythical Curupira of Brazilian folklore as our guardian.

The Curupira is the youthful defender of the forests.

Armed with a spear and a powerfully ingenious wit, he moves mysteriously about the forest atop his wild boar, drawing on an arsenal of illusions to deceive those who seek to defile the forests. In one of his most cunning deceptions, he confuses would-be pursuers with reverse footprints that actually lead back to his starting point.

Forests are one of our most precious resources, just like our skin.

It's time to take the wellbeing of our rapidly disappearing forests seriously. Check out this amazing interactive map by Global Forest Watch, and you'll see why it’s up to us to pay attention.


And right now, the forests being burned in Southeast Asia are especially urgent, as they are not only destroying habitats, but air quality, as well, and GFW is helping hold accountable those who may have burned forests illegally.

There are forests in our back yard that need attention, too.

Nearly 1/8 of the Big Apple is forests, marshes and meadows, more than any other city in North America. Who knew? So if you want to put some skin the game of raising awareness about the fundamentally powerful healing, restorative relationship we have with nature, consider giving $5 toward NY-based urban botanist, Marielle Anzelone’s Kickstarter campaign to raise awareness of the forest importance to our lives by creating a Pop-Up Forest in Times Square—because if a forest can make it in Times Square, it can make it anywhere!

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  • Charla Jones
  • Brazilian OilsWellness

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