• Be Fierce: Trading Madness for Meaningfulness
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Be Fierce: Trading Madness for Meaningfulness

March is a time of year when we often feel trapped—the promise of spring is palpably close, and yet winter’s grip is still tightly fastened on our weathered psyches.

It’s because of March that I ended up living in the Bay Area. Feeling strangled by winter’s grip of March, 1989, I headed west. It changed my life forever, and it’s a great example of making the most of this in-between time.

“Our time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.“

— Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs encouraged us to work with passion, question everything and push at our boundaries—easier said than done.

Jobs understood above all how to tap into our desire to be beautiful, creative and grand, and it’s true that our need for beauty and meaning is deep-seated.

Yet we intuitively sense that the world is ill-equipped to give us what we need—let alone value our contributions in all the ways that matter. So we forage and labor under the month’s restrictive, uncertain conditions in order to bring about meaning.

It’s not enough to relish our strengths and renounce our shortcomings. Balancing gratitude and acceptance can free us to ignite a fire that lights a path to meaningfulness.

The kind of living that Jobs talked about requires having the courage to take risks, and finding the meaning we long for requires being fierce and intentional in our efforts.

So how do we determine what deserves the prestige of our ambition and creativity—and how do we make that leap?

  • Instead of “living with the results of other people’s thinking,” as Jobs decried, heed your intuition and cultivate your own standards to live by
  • We can follow our hearts and counter the boredom that comes amid winter's doldrums with curiosity
  • And rather than looking down upon our failures, marvel at their unique ability to bring meaning and progress into focus
  • Your inner voice has its own volume and is just waiting to be heard—follow the questions until your ferocity breaks through the noise.

    And as Jobs would say, “just one more thing…” Be fierce.


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    • Charla Jones
    • CreativityWellness

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