How to Combat Winter Dry Skin Woes? Layer Up!
winter skincare tips

Winter is often the season of our discontent. Wind cuts right to the core of our warmth, and the wind chill factors do damage to our skin. The air is dry, and hands with little map-like white lines are a common, regrettable sight.

Just as you wouldn’t dream of leaving hearth and home without a heavy knit scarf or insulated coat, layering up with the right arsenal of skin care products is essential to keeping your skin hydrated during winter’s woes.

Step One | Check Your Arsenal

Start with your cleanser. Don't forget the soap you use can be drying you out—or it can be giving your skin a heaping helping of hydration. 

Your skin needs more conditioning ingredients, not less, in these cold months—and those watery, mass-market lotions simply aren’t going to cut it. This is like the Winter Olympics season for product ingredients, and a lotion that goes deep will hit the hydration endurance mark and win the gold medal.

Pro Tip: Use real soap, not harsh skin detergents that will strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it open to winter's attack. And even better, it is possible to find a soap for sensitive or dry skin with moisture-locking locking oils of its own.

Step Two | Play Well with Others

Pro Tip: Winter can wreak havoc on exposed skin and hair alike. Add a dab of oil (like Eu2Be's award-winning enrich + radiate oil) to your hair conditioner. Whether you rinse it out or leave it in, this combo will do wonders to preserve your beautiful locks in the Arctic blast. Try it, you'll love it!

Step Three | Layer Up

Since the only kind of flakes that get my thumbs-up are snowflakes, I combine Eu2Be lotion and oil together to combat winter’s drying effect on skin. If you want more than a snowball’s chance in hell to have hydrated skin this time of year, layer-up against winter’s harsh elements with a formidable combination of skin conditioning protection.

Pro Tip: Not all lotions and oils are created equal, so do read the labels and look for real ingredients you can pronounce that absorb deeply.

Bare skin care is essential this time of year, so protect, repair, hydrate — and snuggle up with someone you love.


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