2Be Reflective: Thoughts & Gratitude at the New Year
Taking stock of your life

The Winter Solstice offers us a perfect transition point to pause and reflect upon what we have accomplished—and what remains yet undone.

Ambitions may peter out, unfulfilled and unrealized, while others simmer on the horizon anxiously awaiting their debut.

Victor Hugo said “to contemplate is to look at shadows,” and as I find myself examining both sides of the shadow Eu2Be cast this year, I want to share a few thoughts:

1. Unexpected outbursts of creativity are allowed.

Particularly when you’re small and young and striving to be more grown-up, these outbursts are encouraged. We’re thrilled to have launched our collaboration with artists, starting with Courage, an essay by Jamaica Kincaid accompanied by a commission of limited-edition handmade artworks drawing on a selection of iconic images and texts from the life of Martin Luther KIng, Jr.

We support the arts because we believe so strongly in the critical role they have in forming vibrant communities. And the artist’s voice is like no other when it comes to deciphering the human experience in the world.

2. The revolution will be moisturized!

Eu2Be got noticed this year, in ways that put wind in our sails to continue our course in our own way. News of Eu2Be’s natural skincare line—subtle on scent, big on substantive, illuminating ingredients—caught the attention of many discerning new fans around the world.

"Gimme some skin or
   shall I say, gimme five?"

Indeed, customer reviews reported nourishing and "delicious" benefits from their Eu2Be experiences—from head-to-toe, particularly with the lotion and oil.

3. Going from baby steps to running is no small enterprise.

Especially in a highly competitive marketplace, a startup founder requires many skillful and supportive hands—ready to hold you up or catch you before you fall—to keep you grounded through the headlong rush.

Without these hands of grace, Eu2Be would not be poised for the marathon of challenges and successes sure to come our way in 2015. Thank you to all the beautiful hands who type, click, handle, massage, anoint, rub, share and embrace Eu2Be. Your hands make it all possible.

I think Hugo was right about contemplation and reflection. They are like shadows—or like quiet ghosts who carry us along secret pathways, guiding us from darkness into the light.

As I reflect on this Solstice, past and future, I offer gratitude to you for your contribution to a reflection that fills me with awe and wonder.

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  • Mar 04, 2015

    Wow I must confess you make some very trachnent points.

    — Yara

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