• Be a Maker. It’s All in Your Hands.
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Be a Maker. It’s All in Your Hands.

“...hands are a complicated organism, a delta in which much life from distant sources flows together and is poured into the great stream of action.“

That’s how Rilke described the artistry of Rodin’s hands.

But recent events involving far more callous hands have me wondering about the severe consequences of losing touch with the hand’s irrefutable power to change the course of life.

We can change our world by the actions of our hands. The precision with which our hands move is nothing short of remarkable—so how can we make good with these extraordinary gifts?

For starters, we can recognize their integral handiwork with respect to our well-being. We feel great satisfaction in the good that comes from our hands, and we suffer when our hands behave badly.

Because lives that touch do so in ways that can’t always be reversed, we must be mindful that we literally take our lives into our hands every day.

Hands are about action, so we must handle ourselves—and others—with great care.

That’s why I say Be a Maker. Make good relationships with your hands when you touch. Caress often and bathe with care.

Your hands work tirelessly, so hydrate them every chance you get. Have a ritual of washing and moisturizing your hands throughout your day to protect your hands and your immune system. But use real soap to clean—not harsh detergents that strip your hands of their natural oils.

Eu2Be lotion and oil have an astonishing number of hydrating ingredients—plus “anti-ingredients” like antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, making them ideal products to nourish your hands. Personally, I combine the two for maximum protection and I wear gloves to keep my hands protected and warm.

As I pay homage to the hand, I send wishes that you be inspired and proud of what your hands create.

Let’s pause long enough to be mindful of our hand’s activities. And may we make goodness for all whom we touch—starting with ourselves.

May healing and peace be within your reach.

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  • Charla Jones
  • be a makerdry skinhealthy skin routinemakersRilkeRodinwell-beingwellbeing

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