• Seriously. Aging Is Not Our Biggest Skin Care Problem.
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Seriously. Aging Is Not Our Biggest Skin Care Problem.


In the face of a beauty industry fixated on aging and intent on subsuming our instinctual sense of beauty for its own construct of physical perfection—luminous hair, fine features and skinny waistlines—our innate sense of beauty can still reign supreme.

That’s why I recently convened Eu2Be’s Beauty With a Purpose luncheon for about forty beautiful women, ranging in age from their mid-20s to almost 90, to launch a new conversation about beauty.

You may be thinking, seriously? Who has time for this? Read on.

Beauty is not a frivolous, insubstantial or insignificant matter in our lives. When you think about it, many of us have organized ourselves to achieve beauty. Ask a mathematician or scientist—aren’t we all seeking some form of beauty in our endeavors?

And as we discussed at Eu2Be’s luncheon, there’s “nothing superficial” about beauty—it’s intertwined with significant cultural, economic and social repercussions.

Because skin is a social canvas, framework and transmitter of many clues—health, money, genetics and values—people make serious decisions about who you are and where you belong based on skin’s appearance.

And when we talk about skin, the subject of beauty is sure to follow. No matter where you stand on skin and skin care, we can no longer afford to separate issues of skin as being irrelevant to quality of life.

Many of us have been sneaking a hall pass on the subject because who cares about skin if you don’t have a “skin problem”? And it seems easier to go along with the superficial notion of these topics rather than address skin’s realities or grapple with how beauty behaves.

Don’t sneak a hall pass on these issues. There’s no benefit to treating skin as an afterthought. Get real about skin, skin care and beauty—because aging is not our biggest skin problem, and we all deserve the richness of beauty.

You don’t need outside instructions from a higher authority. You can trust your own, innate beauty sense. However you define it, every human heart responds to beauty instinctually.

Investing in nourishing, substantial body care products is one part of self-care. Giving attention to applying these products—even just 2-3 minutes—is a moment each of us can create for ourselves. Otherwise, it’s a missed opportunity to connect and create from within.


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See our natural skincare reviews and customer testimonials.
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  • Charla Jones
  • MindulfnessNatural SkincareSkincare RoutineWellness

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