• Go Forth & Tilt: How Small Measures Can Help Us Make A Bigger Impact
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Go Forth & Tilt: How Small Measures Can Help Us Make A Bigger Impact

Author and Eu2Be Founder Charla Jones relates the Summer Solstice to skincare

The fact that we have a summer season at all is an amazing phenomenon, considering the fact that earth is 3 million miles farther from the sun during this time of year.

Summer is made possible not by a fly-by with the sun, but by the earth’s axis, tilted by a mere 23.5 degrees toward the sun.

This slight tilt is the difference between winter and summer—and gives rise to our precious, long sunny days that fuel a prolific growing season of foods we enjoy and the wholesome ingredients that supply Eu2Be nourishing skin care products.

And so it is with Planet You—we can create our own change with just a slight tilt in our everyday lives.

Only recently, we’ve lost too many great tilters to name—like Maya Angelou, B.B. King, Horace Silver, Mary Ellen Mark, L’Wren Scott—but we can readily see from them that creativity knows no boundaries, except for those imposed by ourselves.

Acclaimed graphic designer Massimo Vignelli created beautiful designs that result from his tilt toward structuring complex information with exquisite simplicity. 

The extraordinary Ruby Dee excelled as fully in theater and film as she did on life’s stage because of her agility—and her ability to tilt.

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that beauty exists somewhere outside of us. But I believe beauty is in our natural axis—a creative force for well-being—and the difference in our own seasons resides in how much we allow ourselves to tilt.

Beauty is your birthright. Planet You (and Planet Eu) inhabit beauty.

So the question becomes: How can we tilt in small ways every day?

The power of mindfulness in our skin care regimen situates us along our axis of beauty. When we jumpstart the day from this position of strength, we are better able to tilt toward our greatness—and realize the bigger impact we can have in our world.


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See our natural skincare reviews and customer testimonials.
Or shop now for Eu2Be's natural skincare products

  • Charla Jones
  • CreativityMindulfnessWellness

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