Be Grounded.


“All buried seeds crack open in the dark the instant they surrender to a process they can't see.“   

          — Mark Nepo, The Courage of the Seed

Spring is a threshold to our creative awakening, replete with rituals and chock-full of activities—both seen and unseen—like Mark Nepo's seed cracked open.

Spectacular eclipses and shy planets make appearances above, while below we dig, plant, sort and clean in anticipation of spring’s beautiful emergence.

And yet, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, rushed and outpaced by time. Sometimes the only way to break through is to go in the counter-intuitive direction—slowing down, rather than speeding up.  

Be grounded. Go deep and open up.

Just like the buried seed in Nepo’s reflection, we can't always see who we are becoming, but we can reap the benefits of surrendering to the stillness within as we endeavor to grow into our own fullness.

Seedlings need more than one thing to burst forth—be it nourishment, water or warmth—and so we weather everything from torrential downpours of rain to sunlit days. Mud is messy but it is also nutritious, and we need it, as we journey to emerge into our bolder, fresher creative selves.

Even if what is to come is beyond our imaginations, I believe beauty can be the nourishing source of strength that we need to persist in our struggle to break ground.

This is the time to lay our hands on the most precious grounding we have—our beautiful bodies. Through daily rituals of care, especially those of the body, we have within our hands the ability to tap into this hidden reservoir of beauty and unleash our creative forces. 

Be grounded as you await your own emergence. When you practice daily rituals that embrace stillness, you’ll find being grounded is the sure path to living in full bloom.

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Reader Comments ( 2 )

  • Apr 28, 2014

    This is the day for that message! Sun, blue sky after loads of rain and clouds. Thanks for the timely reminder to be still.

    — Virginia

  • Apr 26, 2014

    I appreciate this reminder to look within and slow down when the pace of life is hectic. I aspire to simplify matters where at all possible and your blog message is a helpful inspiration to do so!

    I’d love to have a mural like this one in my backyard!

    — Amanda

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