• Be Contrarian. Going Mainstream is No Path to Blazing Your Own Trail.
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Be Contrarian. Going Mainstream is No Path to Blazing Your Own Trail.
How mindfulness reduces stress

"You have to go to considerable trouble to live differently from the way the world wants you to live."  

          — Harry Crews

It’s not mainstream to talk about mindfulness in the conversation about skin care. But then again, I’m not one to conform or follow.

Back in 2008, I was mesmerized by Cai Guo-Qiang’s explosive I Want to Believe at the Guggenheim New York. A pack of 99 life-sized wolves, leaping in an arc, crash head-first, one by one, into a glass wall, tumbling and falling lifeless to the ground.

Without notice, as visitors walk along the Guggenheim’s signature ramp, they’re assimilated into the installation, seemingly complicit in an unquestioned journey. The scene only becomes clear in the end, when you reach the top of the ramp with wolves tumbling back from the wall. 

At the start of the walk, the lone wolf’s presence is slight and easy to disregard. And then there are three, and before you know it, you’re walking up the ramp amidst a pack of wolves. You are one of the pack.

It's a commentary about the collective mindset of getting swept along by a common belief—we walk without taking pause to question, ignoring the inevitable consequences of following along.

The stresses of everyday life are like this—first, a lone wolf is at your side, then before you realize it, a pack of relentless wolves have each taken ferocious bites out of your time. But there’s another path before the crash.

Mindfulness is a powerful antidote to stress, and Eu2Be is as much about mindful application as nourishing ingredients. On this alternative path, we pause to consider the symbol of the wolf—the striking, spirited animal with ancient cultural ties to instinct, awareness and freedom.

Be yourself and blaze your own trail

Rituals exist for an important reason. So in your morning rush to get out the door, don’t just leap into the pack. Take 5 mindful minutes as you prepare yourself and your skin for the day’s demands. 

Be contrarian. Create your own journey—and blaze your own considered path from the start of each day. The 5 mindful minutes can bring you back into time with your own natural rhythm, making you the leader of your pack.

We celebrate these inspiring contrarians with February birthdays:

Rosa Parks, Bill Russell, Nancy Wilson, Charles Darwin, Joanne Woodward, Erykah Badu, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Nina Simone, Alice Walker.

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  • Charla Jones
  • CreativityMindulfnessSkincare Routine

Reader Comments ( 1 )

  • Feb 25, 2014

    The wolf! This may be the most creative call to mindfulness I’ve ever read. (Reminded me that the wolf can also nurture – think Romulus and Remus). And a Harry Crews quote to boot. Thank you, Charla!

    — ann fitch

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