• She’s Gotta Have It: 5 Sleep Hacks for Health & Beauty
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She’s Gotta Have It: 5 Sleep Hacks for Health & Beauty
Sleep aids aside, simple sleep hacks for health and beauty with San Francisco Balmy Street mural by Frances Valesco

Why do women need more sleep than men? All that leaning in, marching, multi-tasking and keeping trolls at bay come at a higher price for us.

That’s what researchers discovered at Loughborough University’s Sleep Research Center in Leicestershire, England.

Sleep is unquestionably the single natural beauty ingredient we all need more of—but it’s not just a matter of beauty, it’s a matter of good health.

The National Sleep Foundation created Sleep Awareness Week in part to remind us of how vital sleep is to our physical, mental and emotional wellness.

Countless studies outline the crucial need for truly restful sleep, and just as many enumerate the many obstacles that lie in the path to sound, sweet, slumber.

And yet each year, as we spring forward, we start our week with a sleep deficit. But it’s not too late.

Here are a few simple steps to help you get started on the path to hacking better sleep:

1. Don’t Bring the Noise: Sensory-down from your day

2. Kill the Screens: Electronic screens emit blue-spectrum light which sends alert signals to our brain, disrupting our ability to fall and stay asleep

3. Move Your Mood: A hot bath’s ebb and flow is a fabulous way to escape from the busy shore of the day’s cacophony of activities to the quiet shores of our deeper consciousness

4. Be the Guardian: Let’s put restful sleep into the category of what is precious to us, and give it daily and mindful protection

5. Take 5 to Thrive: Many of you know I believe in the power of ritual—giving yourself just 5 minutes of focused attention on your skin care can take the focus off your day

Sleep is miraculous in its restorative powers, which definitely makes it worthy of our attention.

Like any beauty or health objective, it’s all about changing our habits—which we know takes some discipline and time.

We’re hoping that by prioritizing these few sleep tips, you’ll find yourself falling across the gap between wakefulness and dreaming with restorative regularity.


San Francisco Balmy Street mural by Frances Valesco, shot by Eu2Be founder Charla Jones.

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  • Charla Jones
  • Skin Care RitualsWellness

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