• Aligning with Janus: 5 New Ideas For Being Your Destiny
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Aligning with Janus: 5 New Ideas For Being Your Destiny

We all desire to be more focused, and to expand our lives. But how?

I started to think about this as January approached, a month known as a time to pause, consider our lives and hit the reset button.

There's a reason the month is named for Janus—the Roman god with two faces who presides over all that is double-edged in life—giving us a powerful touchstone for contemplating our past and our future.

I wanted to uncover the most compelling new ideas that can help us realize our destiny and expand our lives, and I discovered that achieving our goals may be easier than we think.

This article on the power of rituals by Gwen Moran in Fast Company recently talked about how "adding a ritual or two to your day may be just the ticket" to allow us to focus and perform better.

They quote Melissa Gratias, best-selling author and wellness expert Michelle McQuaid:

"Rituals actually set our brains up for the day... whether we’re going to be in this more expanded thinking space or a much more narrow thinking space."

I’ve discovered a pattern of new research that validates the combined power of small acts, daily rituals and slowing down to create your destiny.

1. Daily small, intentional acts empower us to reach our biggest goals.
Turns out, the experience matters. Masterful goal-setting can actually inhibit our progress—and deny our ability to focus on the experience of getting there. By not being present, it’s “far more likely that you’ll drop out early and fail to achieve the very goals that you’re so focused on.” Who knew?!

2. Slow is the new speed for making the journey.
The Slow Movement isn’t just about food—it’s founded on the belief that our fast-paced lives have weakened our connections to the world and the people around us. By being mindful and taking our time, we can find a deeper connection to life’s beauty.

I often talk about the importance of daily rituals and Eu2Be’s role in skin care as a means of slowing down—even for just 5 minutes—to regroup and refocus on who you’re destined to be.

3. Creating new habits creates a new destiny.
Scientific studies show that by “focusing on the patterns that shape every aspect of our lives,” we can transform our brain’s neurological patterns so that the steps to reaching our goals become habitual.

Creativity resides within you—right here, right now— you just need to tap into it through the power of habit.

4. Daily routines preserve our mental energy for more important things. 
Imagination can’t be faked, and if we want to envision a new destiny for our lives, we need the energy to do it. Harvard professor Robert Pozen has found that “Boring is Productive”—and there’s an enhanced payoff for Taking 5 and preserving our energy.

5. Cultivate change while you emolliate.
It’s clear that the answer to Who Are You Destined To Be? unfolds daily through what you do and what you create. So, if performing routine activities like bathing and applying moisturizer have the effect of stimulating creativity and ideas, bust out the moisturizer!

That’s the power of ritual I talk about so much: how the journey becomes destiny by Taking 5 for yourself every day—and how the simple act of skincare can be the essential daily routine to help you reach your goals.


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See our natural skincare reviews and customer testimonials.
Or shop now for Eu2Be's natural skincare products.

  • Charla Jones
  • MindulfnessSkincare Routine

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  • Jan 06, 2014

    You are right on Charla! Being “present” is very challenging to me but it can start with small rituals like your skin care. I am trying to be mindful when I protect my skin with moisturizer during this crazy weather. Will let you know how it works out! Thanks for the Janus info!

    — Meg

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