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Be Wonderful.

Tis the season of holiday traditions, parties, shopping—and stressed out, dry skin. Somehow we find time to accommodate a sleigh-load of frenzied activities.

By the time you read this, the shortest day of the year will have passed and you've survived our longest, darkest night. Actually or metaphorically, this is powerful stuff. Not to mention, creativity springs from darkness.

We like to think that we dance to the beat of our own drum. But the timing of December as the end of year isn’t tied to anything actual - it’s more a result of calendar making.

Still, December bears unique gifts for us when we attune our rhythm to the natural cycle of things. What’s your cycle this solstice?

    • Do we keep ourselves pitched to busy-mode because we’re still afraid of the dark?
    • What’s more important: the color of Santa or an investigative look into December’s rich, dark night?
    • Do we enrich ourselves by slowing our pace and spending more time on personal rituals—like taking care of our bodies? After all, our skin does need the extra loving care.  

We have been lifted out of the natural rhythms of life. Calendars imposed by industry and commerce constrict our time, not free it for usIt is our rituals that stand watch, protecting us against things that go bump in the night.

Our ancestors sat on the bank of the Nile, pondering the connection between the river's tides and the cycles of the Man in the Moon.

In the seed, the genes whisper:
stretch out for the light and seek
the dark... And the more darkness
it finds, the more light it discovers...
       — Reidar Ekner


Be wonderful. Let yourself be filled with the wonder and beauty of the rich, dark sky. Cast seedlings of gratitude—and your dreams—like stars across the night. How wonderful it is to just be alive.

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  • Charla Jones
  • MindulfnessWellnessWinter Skin Care

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